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911 N594UA
The plane that arrived 45mins before it left from a different city.

I did a chonological research into the 911 planes.
N591UA showed that it had arrived in Newark at 6:54 and left Boston at 7:39.
This is not possible. info on 591 here and
In addition to this, some have seen 591 see info here

According to some spot-witnesses, Boeing 757-222 SERIAL NUMBER 28142 is flying around Chicago under the alias 594UA.

So I decided to do backtrack on the tail number 594UA. I found a similar circumstance to 591UA.

9/11 tail number 594

The first this that strikes me besides the obvious, is that it had a scheduled departure time of 10:30 and scheduled arrival time of 10:45.

594UA timeline...

594 departed ORD at 7:30 to DTW as 0440
594 departed Detroit at 11:12 to ORD as 1581
594 arrived in chicago from DTW at 10:58 as 1581
594 Departed ORD at 12:00 to IAD as 0424
594 arrived in IAD from ORD at 14:13 as flight 0424
594 departed IAD at 15:56 to DEN as flight 1179
594 arrived in DEN from IAD at 17:07 as flight 1179
594 departed DEN to SEA as 1197 at 18:10
594 arrived in SEA from DEN as 1197 at 19:25
no departs from seattle on the 10th
no departs for seattle on the 11th (most tails unknown)

important point being that it left DTW at 11:12 and arrived ORD at 10:58

594 departed Detroit at 11:12 to ORD as 1581
594 arrived in chicago from DTW at 10:58 as 1581


Question: How can a plane arrive before it left a different city?

591UA summary...

591UA arrived in Newark at 6:54
591UA left BOSTON at 7:39.

there are no record of departure from newark to BOS (before 19:40)
There are no records of arrival from Newark in BOS.

Question: How can a plane depart from an airport it never arrived at.
How could it leave from Boston at 7:39, if it arrived in Newark at 6:54 ?

departed ORD to EWR 10:43 (no arrival time in EWR diverted as flight 0640)
departed Newark to SFO 19:40 (5 hours late, 14:30 scheduled, as flight 0075)

Question: How can it depart Newark if it was diverted?
There are no records of it arriving in Newark.
If it did arrive in Newark why was it 5 hours late?

Question: If 594 departed at 11:12 then what plane arrived at 10:58
If a plane arrived in ORD that was not 594, was it 591 ?
Was there another plane introduced in Chicago at this time?
Why was 594 not seen in the stats for a period after 911 ?
Why were 4 planes cancelled and 1 diverted(591) from Chicago to Newark on the 10th ?
Why did flight 11 and 77 not show up in the BTS database until recently ?

all info derived from Bureau of Transportation Statistics

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