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911 planes database from the website

How many planes with the tail number 591UA were flying on Sept 10th (and 11th?)

United Airlines flight 93 september 11th 2001 or was it?

On sept 10th 2001 flight 93 was in 2 places at one time according to the BTS database.
The same thing happened to another plane on Sept 10th, that planes tail number was 594UA.

This person supposedly flew that plane do a search for 591UA.
Yep, his logs show he was on a 911 plane in 2002 ?!
Whne cross checking the BTS database, it does not show 591UA, but 594UA !
is this a coincidence? I think not.
the planes were swapped on sept 10th.

On Sept 10th 2001, Flight 0078 (= N591UA) arrived in Newark from SFO (San Fransisco) at 6:54 wheel on time. However, Flight 0507, with the same tail number, 591UA departed Boston Logan for ORD (Chicago) at 7:39 wheel off time, as current screenshots show. How is this possible?

Also, Boston does not have records of N591UA arriving at Logan that day and Newark only has it departing once at 19:40 PM EST.

There seems to be a problem here. It had 45 mins from touchdown in San Francisco before it left in another city.

Recently reestablished, the "official Flight 93" began as a scheduled service from EWR (Newark) to SFO on September 5th 2001, but the first Tuesday flight in 2001, was on 9-11; there was no Newark to SF flight before.

On September 11th, BTS shows 591UA for "Flight93" with a Wheels-off Time at 08:28 AM EST, but which tail departed?

570 departed Newark to SFO as flight 93 at 8:00am (8:21wot)
570 arrived in SFO at 11:11 (11:02 W On T)
570 departed San Fran as 0086 to Newark at 12:20 (13:35 WOT)
570UA arrived in Newark from San Fran at 20:46 (21:24 WOT) as 0086

591 arrived in Newark as 0078 from SFO at 6:22am

It was supposed to arrive at Newark as 0642 at 13:34 on the 10th but didnt
0642 (N591UA) departed Chiacgo at 10:28 (10:43 WOT) to Newark
But shows an actuall ellapsed time as 0000
(0642 was diverted)
591 was supposed to arrive in Newark as 0642 at 13:34 but shows no data (all 0's)
591 departed Newark to SFO at 14:30 (19:40 WOT) as 0075
591UA arrived in San Fran from EWR as flight 0075 at 22:15 (22:07 W on Time)
591UA departed San Fran for Newark as flight 0078 at 22:05 (23:15 WOT)

591 never made it to Newark ?

it arrived as 0078 on the 10th from SFO at 7:01am
It was supposed to arrive again from ORD (chicago) at 13:34 as flight
0642 but BTS shows 0000 for arrival time. (at EWR - never made it- diverted) instead,
It departed chicago to SFO as flight 0075 supposed to leave at 14:30 but
didnt leave till 19:30
5 hours late !

It depated SFO on the 10th as flight 0078 (to newark) wheels off time at 23:10
(almost midnight)
and a 0078 on the 11th was scheduled to arrive at 6:22 in Newark but has no data.


i checked to see how many flights there were by the name of 0078 on sept
there was only one, not cancelled, not diverted.

There was only 1 for sept 11th.
it was cancelled.

So either 0078 never came in on the 11th- cancelled (591 never arrived)

But why was 0642 diverted?
If it was diverted, how did it wind up BACK at chicago ready to fly to
Whewre did it go during that time???
Why didnt it take off for 5 hours ?
Why were there 3 other flights cancelled on sept10th from Chicago to
Why did 3 flights before the 911 events started happening not have tail
number or arrival times? (EWR)

september 10th bts flight 93

Sept 10th Newark arrivals
591UA shows twice here. that is because it (supposedly) arrived, left, and arrived again.
First arriving at 6:22am as flight 0078
Then supposedly arriving as flight 0642 scedulued to arrive at 13:34

Lets watch flight 0086 from SFO tail # 570UA wheel on time of 21:24

september 10th 591UA ewr newark

Sept 11th Newark arrivals

september 11th flight 93 EWR

sept 10th chicago

sept 10th chicago N591UA

Depating from Newark on the 10th...
Here we have 591UA going to SFO as flight 0075
Note is is scheduled to leave at 14:30, but doesnt leave till 5 hours later. at 19:40
Whats also interesting is that the actual elapsed time is 405 mins

It departed Chicago at 10:43 as 0642
it was supposed to arrive at Newark at 13:34 from Chicago
As we know, it didnt, it was diverted.

is flight 0077 (this is UA, not AA, not the pentagon plane)
this is shown to be diverted in BTS

sept 10th 591ua bts

ted San Fran for Newark at 13:35 wheel-off. as flight 0086
It departed Newark for San Fran at
570 arrived in Newark at 21:24 as flight 0086 on the 10th.

an 8 hour tour ?
Interestingly on Sept 23 2001 it was involve in an accident...
Also the BTS summary says flight 0086 only flew once on the 10th ?

San Fran Arrivals

airport header

sept 10 591 N570UA



airline airport

N591UA newark sept 10th

This shows flight 0078 flew only once on Sept 10th
flight 0078

591 left Chicago at 19:40 wheel-off to SFO as flight 0075
but arrived in San Fran from NEWARK ? at 22:07 ?

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So it (591UA) arrived in San Fran at 22:15 from Newark on the 10th and then left again at 23:00
it had 45 mins to clean up and board new pax.

it was scheduled to arrive at 17:29 as flight 0075

Chicago departures...

09/10/2001 0424 N594UA IAD 11:45 11:43 0112 0095 -2 12:00 0017

flight 91

flight 93

Flight 11 N334AA BTS data.

This plane never made it to boston dulles on the morning of September 11th !
If it never got there, how did it leave?

US Airways Flight 1237 from Rochester was circling over Westchester County, waiting to land at La Guardia Airport, when the Boeing 737 suddenly began climbing steeply. The captain's voice came over the intercom. "There is a lockdown at the New York airports because of a hijacking," the captain said in measured tones. "An American Airlines 767 out of Boston that just flew over us, I regret to inform you, has just crashed into the World Trade Center. You can look out the right side of the plane and see the smoke." There were gasps. Then the passengers started talking, some to the person next to them, others to no one in particular. Shirley Dildane of Hammondsport, N.Y., said softly, "Well, I won't be having my meeting today."


Norad radar coverage on 9-11
FAA radar coverage.

Whoever switched off the transponder on Flight 77 knew EXACTLY where to
do it and was flying into the blind spot.
It would appear to me that the blind spot is there regardless of the
secondary only radar site.

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