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N334AA flight 11 North tower plane

(NOTE: since i created this page, there has been some more information, and a possible mistake, I will try to point out.)
From what i have been told, if a flight comes from the east coast, to the west coast, and is an overnight flight, it seems to get recorded on the previous days information. This may explain why 334 does not show up on the 11th, becuase it shows up on the 10th at the time it was supposed to (on the 11th). This is very confusing, and I cant see whay the BTS would record it this way, but it does seem to be true.
If you notice the scheduled time of arrival, and actual time in the air, they are the same, indicating the plane landed on the 11th, but was recorded on the 10th.
BUT, there are still some oddities that are not explained.

Back-tracking the 911 plane tail numbers

In looking at the BTS data for N334AA on September 10th, flight 198 arrives in San Fransisco, then is shown leaving SFO to Boston (BOS). In looking at the Boston arrivals, the data shows that the plane never made it there.
The data shows all 0's for the arrival time and "unknown" for the tail number.
This is the normal wzy the BTS displays a flight that did not arrive.
I checked to see if the flight may have been cancelled, or diverted.
Since it was an overnight flight, i used both september 10th and sept 11th data.

The data does show that it was cancelled for september 11th

The first entry, flight 12, shows also, as not arriving.
In the Betty Ong call, she first described her plane as being flight 12, she said it twice, before the (operator,supervisor?) corrected her.
This becomes important, as the bts data shows...
321AA arrives in BOS from LAX at 21:33 as flight 12 -on the 10th

september 11 boston arrival BTS

Also, notice above that none of the flights have a arrival or wheel-on time
Can we actually beleive that none of these flights made it to boston that day?
Yes, some were after the attacks started, so the flights may have been diverted, but SOME of these were before the 9/11 events started (at least 5 on this page alone).
There is NO REASON that this data should be missing !

sept 10th N334AA San Fransisco arrival

sept 10th N334AA SFO not cancelled

flight 11 9/11 bts

sept 10th 334 not diverted sept 11th 334 not diverted

US Airways Flight 1237 from Rochester was circling over Westchester County, waiting to land at La Guardia Airport, when the Boeing 737 suddenly began climbing steeply. The captain's voice came over the intercom. "There is a lockdown at the New York airports because of a hijacking," the captain said in measured tones. "An American Airlines 767 out of Boston that just flew over us, I regret to inform you, has just crashed into the World Trade Center. You can look out the right side of the plane and see the smoke." There were gasps. Then the passengers started talking, some to the person next to them, others to no one in particular. Shirley Dildane of Hammondsport, N.Y., said softly, "Well, I won't be having my meeting today."


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